Game Content Introduction

  • Dice Shot ‘Dice Shot’ is a very simple and fun dice merging game. You can combine the same number of dice to make a higher number and collect stars. There are various modes of the game, so you can enjoy continuously. Download URL Link: Google Play Store, Apple App Store.
  • Dynogram ‘Dynogram’ is a combination of dynamic and nonogram, which is a dynamic nonogram. The game method followed the slide method, and it is a game where you can feel the fun of pixel art. It is very easy to play and is a puzzle game that can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old. Download URL Link: Google Play Store
  • Animal Isle The main theme of ‘Animal Isle’ is cute animals and an island on which they live and it shows both familiarity with animals and the fun of puzzle games. The rules of the game puzzle are simple and intuitive. It is also possible to play the game with very easy operation, so it is easy for everyone to enjoy. Due to these factors, ‘Animal Isle’ has many advantages in service in the global market. Also, it is highly likely to grow in the future by using 3D animal characters and animations for 2D puzzle games. Besides, content is being adjusted and updated after the soft launch in August 2020 on Google Play Store in the Philippines. ‘Animal Isle’ is expected to be released on Apple’s App Store in 2023. Download URL Link: Google Play Store
  • Moving Lands ‘Moving Lands’ is a simple and easy game that solves puzzles through characters moving in four directions so that everyone of all ages can easily play. The rule of the game is to move the character safely to the final destination, which provides a profit through varied characters and advertising exposure. This game content is sufficiently competitive on the global market as the game rules create a new type of playing that differentiates it from other games. ‘Moving Lands’ is expected to be officially launched on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in 2023.
  • Word Kpop ‘Word Kpop’ is a Korean initials quiz game that applies the game method of ‘Single Stroke Drawing’. Korean words frequently used in K-Pop lyrics are referenced and classified according to famous singers and provided as quiz questions. ‘Word Kpop’ is a quiz game content that makes it easy to learn important words because frequently used words come out repeatedly. Therefore, the game is promising because the amount of content that can be added to this game is endless and the game can grow with K-pop. From the beginning of the development, ‘Word Kpop’ was designed to help global users learn the main words of Hangeul (Korean) while enjoying quiz games, so this content provides both fun and educational effects. Download URL Link: Google Play Store
  • Tetring The brain development puzzle ‘Tetring’ uses color blocks to demonstrate the four-color theorem of mathematics for playing the game and integrating academic results with games. The game was designed with a focus on creativity rather than commerciality, which means it is the leading game content in terms of access to academic results through games. Download URL Link: Google Play Store
  • Mapdoku : Match Color Blocks ‘Mapdoku : Match Color Blocks’ is an addictive puzzle game that matches blocks. The game is very intuitive and simple to play, so it is one of the best games that anyone, young or old, can easily learn the rules of the game. Download URL Link: Google Play Store